2022 More & More (Dox & Dizzie/Boomrush) digital/Single

2018 Soundman (Dox & Dizzie/Boomrush) digital/Single

2016 One (ockolicious records) digital/cd/album

2015 Thunderstorm feat. Saralène (ockolicious records) 7″/digital/Single

2015 Overcome feat. Steppa Style & FeyDer (Jungle Cakes) digital/EP

2014 Must Be A Dream (HOR/Kathmandu Prod./House of Riddim) digital/Single

2012 Nothing But Love (Supersonic Sound) digital/single

2011 Cold Worries (Silly Walks Discotheque) digital/Single

2009 What A Joy (Supersonic Sound) 7″/digital/Single

2009 The Man I Could Be (Blenders Finest) 7″ Single

2009 Love I Can Feel /Silly Walks Discotheque) 7″ Single

2009 Energie feat. Manu Rankin (Reggae Town) Wassermann Album

2008 Never Ever (African Beat) 7″ Single

2008 Heart Of Gold (Blenders Finest) digital/EP

2007 Inna Dis Life (Blenders Finest) 7″ Single

2003 Soulfood International presents the Good Old Boys (Grover Records) Album

2002 Court Jester`s Crew – Babylon Raus (Grover Records) Album

2002 Court Jester`s Crew – We Let The Good Times Roll (Grover Records) 7″/Maxi

2000 Court Jester`s Crew/Laurel Aitken – Jamboree (Grover Records) Album

2000 Court Jester`s Crew – Machinery (Elmo Records) 7″/Single

2000 Court Jester`s Crew – Too High For Low (Elmo Records) Album

1997 Court Jester`s Crew – UmbE (We Bite Rec.) Album